To develop a vison for the delivery of health, care and wellbeing services in the Axe Valley.


Promote services delivered by organisations and projects that meet the needs of the area, particularly services that address those of the most vulnerable.


Help Identify solutions that meet the needs of the area through working collaboratively and where appropriate developing a collective voice to influence provision.


Liaise with other organisations whether statutory, private, voluntary and community.


Add value through the pooling of collective knowledge.


Communicate with network members and the general public through a range of communication platforms.


To provide a network for organisations, groups and individuals to improve health and wellbeing outcomes for people living in Seaton and the surrounding parishes.

Jack Rowland

Geoff Pook

Mark Welland

Martin Shaw

Roger Trapani

Tiggy Parry

Marcus Hartnell

Jon Dove

Caring about the area

Co-ordinating and promoting the network meetings. Identifying, celebrating and sharing what works and what can be done. Encouraging collaborative working and wide engagement.

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