Detailed Scope

Frequency of Meetings of the Steering Committee


Frequency of Meetings of the Seaton Area Health Matters membership

Quarterly in September and December 2018, March and June 2019. At the June 2019 meeting elections will take place to elect a Steering Committee and review these Terms of Reference.

The main committee meets quarterly.

The main committee has the authority to set up working groups to investigate and examine specific issues and report back to the main committee.

Meetings Location

Marshlands Centre, Harbour Road, Seaton EX12 2LT

Voting rules

In the event of a vote being required each member of the steering committee has 1 vote each when present at a meeting. In the event of a tied vote then the Chair, or the Vice Chair in the absence of the Chair, will have the casting vote.

Quorum for Steering Committee meetings

At least 4 members of which 1 must be the Chair or Deputy

Agenda setting and notes of the meetings

Agenda requests to be requested two weeks before meetings

Draft notes of all meetings to be produced within 5 working days of meetings and agreed minutes to be signed off at the next meeting of the committee. Notes to be published via a method to be agreed at the initial meeting of the committee.

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